Posted by: Joey Burgess | Jan 17, 2011

We Have Our Kit!

On December 13, we received our kit from Glasair. We gained a greater appreciation for what our Materials Management group does for us on a daily basis. Ahmed Elayouty, a member of the build team,  filed this report after the break.

Our first hurdle was insuring our supplier (Glasair) got paid. Getting a Purchase Order (PO) through the correct channels took some time. Gladly it was soon followed up with a check and so completing the financial transaction.

We needed to inventory all our parts, make sure we got what we paid for. First, we needed a system. We cross referenced the packing list and Bill Of Materials (BOM) with all our parts, ensuring matching part number and quantity.

Even though Glasair forgot to put a part number on it, it was easy checking the big parts like “Fuselage half-Left hand”.  It was harder to ensure our small size, high quantity (e.g. 300 rivets) parts were all accounted for. These would be similar to the Standards category of parts on the BCA shop floor. We tried weighting a small sample then the whole amount; however we got too much error. We resorted to counting one by one.  Only now, do I feel why PCA provides the shop mechanics with Standards boxes.

It felt like an early Holidays’ gift, we were unwrapping our kit for our whole airplane.  I am still wondering how they managed to pack more than a year’s worth of labor into this 23’X5’X5′ kit. (reminds me: I need to read the instruction guide) . Then, consider that more than one new 737 leaves the Final Assembly line every day. That’s a lot of parts.


  1. […] The perfect solution was eventually found: build the airplane at the Concept Center (previously known as Teague’s “Payloads Concept Center”). This interiors prototyping facility is just up the road from Boeing’s Everett offices, and contains the tools and opportunities for engineers to design and fabricate innovative ideas. In fact, some of the materials and fabrication techniques used to develop the mock-ups at the Concept Center would come in handy while building a kitplane. So the kit was delivered from Glasair to the Concept Center, and the BCnF group unwrapped it like an early Christmas gift in December of 2010. […]

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