Posted by: Miguel E. Mármol G. | Feb 11, 2011

Our First EAA Visit

Last Friday 2/4 we had our first EAA tech counselor visit. The visit was performed by Tom Osmundson of EAA Chapter 26 based out of Boeing Field.

Form that Tom left as a record of his visit

We are still pretty early in our build process but he was available and we figured it couldn’t hurt.  It was definitely a good decision. Tom showed us some forms of non-destructive inspection (NDI) that were low-cost (read: FREE) and were effective at giving us a good idea of the quality of our build.

One method was the familiar tap-test in which you tap the layups with a coin. Depending on the sound of the tap you can tell if there are voids or delaminations in the layups. Another effective one was to shine a flashlight under the layups to inspect for air bubbles. This particular method seemed very interesting and effective to me.

Overall his report was of good build quality to date which gives us confidence in the fact that we are doing things correctly so far.

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