Posted by: Miguel E. Mármol G. | Feb 16, 2011

Wing Jig Build – The magic is in the laser level

It has been some time since we last posted about the build progress of the airplane on the blog. If you want daily updates on what we are doing, complete with pictures, you can always go to the build log at: This next post was written by Brandon Huelman who is one of the guys focused on building the wing:

Structural part of jig. We used two joists as the transverse members.

Though we wanted to start building the wing right away, we needed to take care of a few unglamorous tasks first.  Before the team could begin working on the wing we needed to build a jig.  Because of its importance in the wing construction we spent a great deal of time measuring and re-measuring before we made any cuts.

Bonding the jig to the floor

Generally the main components went together without much hassle.  The tedious part to finalizing the jig was to make sure the wing sat level in the jig.  Initially we started by using a “simple” tool, the water level.  On the positive side it is cheap, but after spilling water on more than one occasion we knew we needed a laser level.  Chris Yeeles, our subject matter expert, generously let our team borrow his laser level.  This helped immensely but if I were to do this again I would try to acquire two or three laser levels.

Brandon working on getting the wing level

The wing team has completed the jigging and are now ready to start bonding in the wing ribs. Update on that to come soon!

Using the laser level to level the wing. Notice the vertical laser line.



  1. […] the internal ribs and other stiffeners had to be made from scratch. Same for the interiors. Also, large jigs must be built to ensure that the airplane is level and properly aligned when it is put […]

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