Posted by: cjtezak | Mar 1, 2011

Checking out the Northwest Aviation Conference

Five members of the BCnF team made the trek down to Puyallup Saturday 2/26 for the Northwest Aviation Conference and trade show. The show was packed with general aviation manufactures, vendors,  and general aviation enthusiasts. We took away a lot of info on specific parts for the airplane and hopefully made some good connections with some manufacturers as well.

The team went to the conference in the hope of getting some good info on parts for the airplane and to try to make some connections with suppliers. We were especially interested in checking out the offerings for possible avionics, display and engine solutions. But also, there is just some cool stuff to check out, like this brand new Cirrus SR22T.

Internal workings of Dynon's Skyview ADAHRS

Many of the of the avionics manufacturers who we were considering for the airplane were at the convention. Reps from Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems, and some smaller companies like Garmin were showing up their wears. We spent time checking out all the different glass panels to choose from and trying to determine what we can put in the airplane with the budget we have. Dynon (located in Woodinville) had some great displays and even had a display of their artificial horizon and air data (ADAHRS) box. Their Skyview system looks to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck options out there and we could easily expand the airplane’s capability with autopilot or moving map capabilities.

Along with avionics there were also a few engine builders at the conference. Avian Engines out of Bremerton had some great looking rebuilt and kit built IO-360 engines that would be a great addition to the build. Maybe without all the bling, but hey, a kid can dream.

On top of engines and displays there were all kinds of other small vendors showing off NAV lights (from Kestrel and Aeroleds), cockpit panels, batteries, and everything else you could possibly need for an airplane. For more pics check out the flickr stream on the right of the page, including some cool angle of attack measurement sensors from Advance (something we definitely need to put on our airplane).  In all the conference was a big success. Maybe next year we could even have a booth showing off our own plane!


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