Posted by: Joey Burgess | Dec 8, 2011

Systems Goodies!

Yep, we ordered it, yep it got here! After going through the detailed design phase we actually went out and ordered most of our equipment. The first order was in late October and the latest order was last Friday.
Boxes and boxes of avionics equipment

Boxes and boxes of avionics equipment

The first thing that arrived in the shop were all the boxes of Dynon equipment! In the bags are about 1,200 feet of wire, two shiny 10″ screens, and all the supporting avionics boxes that go with it.

We’ve also gotten our GTN650, SL-30 radio, crew seats, throttle quadrant, fuel probes, standby instruments, airplane lights, ELT, pitot tube, keys, and lots of other things. After we got all of the goodies we started putting them in the cabin mockup or in the electrical systems test bench.

Skyview System in Electric Test Bench

Trying out the NAV lights in the electrical test bench

Needless to say we’ve been having a great time making sure everything works! We’ve also been working hard in the cabin mockup going over all the procedures for the aircraft and making sure that they will work with the airplane’s architecture.

Cabin mockup we used to test our procedures

As we prepare the different systems we will substitute the papers for the real thing. As one small hint of what we are doing now, it involves lots and lots of wires connecting lots of expensive boxes together. Let’s see how it turns out in a couple of weeks!


  1. So Jealous… Can ‘t wait to see the SkyView up and running… Could be my Glastar system in a few years…

  2. […] radios and displays, batteries so that these systems could operate without the engine running… All of these items were chosen, purchased, placed into the mock-up, wired up for power and for talki…. Ergonomics experts from Boeing were consulted to ensure that displays and controls were in easy […]

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