Posted by: Miguel E. Mármol G. | Mar 9, 2012

Wing Closure Time-Lapse Video

I’ve never ceased to be amazed at the talents & hobbies that some of my Boeing co-workers have. They run the range from people who are sailors, philanthropists, real-estate agents, pilots, writers, etc. Dan Hould, one of the members of the systems team, seems to have an interest in movie making (and an interest in building airplanes too!) . A few days before the wing close was scheduled he came to me with the idea of recording the entire wing close process and then creating a time-lapse video of it. naturally, it seemed like a fantastic idea to me. Well, he was there during the ordeal that was the day we closed the wing and he filmed the entire thing. His presence was also very useful as he jumped in many times to help where it was needed to get the wing closed. With that, I leave you with the fruits of his labor, a pretty awesome video of the sequence of getting our wing closed.


  1. Nice work Crew of Seven!
    Where are the fume masks for the vinyl ester resins?

    • Hehe we use a set of fans to ventilate the area well. They are to the right of the camera area. We’ll use the fume masks when working in a hard-to-ventilate spot such as inside the fuselage. Thanks for the concern for our health though!

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