The Build Certify and Fly (BCnF)  is a project that challenges a group of early career Boeing employees to build, test and certify a Glasair Super II experimental airplane. Manufacture of the kit began in December 2010 with certification coming in 2014.

Members of the team must build up the airplane’s composite structure, design the  systems, procure an avionics package and power plant,  and develop and perform a flight test program.

Almost daily updates on the status of the build can be found on the team’s FAA Build Log.

Project Mission:

The Build, Certify and Fly (BCnF) project will give early career Boeing leaders a unique opportunity to understand the Boeing business model. Understanding will be gained through firsthand experience building an experimental kit build composite aircraft. BCnF team members will be learning about and doing work such as, project and budget management, systems design, composite layup, aircraft assembly, aircraft maintenance, systems manufacturing, supplier management, flight test, aircraft certification and delivery of a finished product to the customer.
At the time of completion BCnF team members will possess a broad knowledge of aircraft systems, manufacturing techniques, project management and budget procedures. BCnF team members will be uniquely prepared to be future leaders in the Boeing Company.

The header collage uses the photographs of Chris Tezak, James Cridland, and Erik Charlton, and artwork by Miguel Mármol.

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