Project Partners

This project would not be possible without the invaluable help and partnership of several organizations. Our thanks go to them for their support.

The newest partner in this endeavor to build and fly an airplane is Dynon Avionics. Their Skyview system is the one that will be powering the all-glass panel on the aircraft.

We are proud to be partners with Glasair Aviation in building and flying their wonderful Glasair SII. We are also featured on their builder’s community


We are very grateful to Boeing’s Structures Concept Center for providing an excellent workshop for us to develop our project.

Finally, we are very grateful to The Boeing Company and the Opportunities for New Experiences program for sponsoring this project that has brought much knowledge and experience to its members.


  1. Your project is great! I would really like the idea of going on to the next phase of having a group of Engineers and supporting functions develop a new kitplane. It would be all volunteer, but get the same level of support as with this project. I’m sure many employees would be interested.

    • Believe me, that is an idea that we have thrown around many times. If this project is successful it could be a possible next step. Depending on what road the design takes, a possible use for it could be as a replacement for the aging flight test chase planes. Either way, it would be a project that I think all of us would love to participate in!

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